After 2 months I have come to the realization that I now have more energy and creativity at work. I am sure this is related to the apparent detachment that I now have to my Inbox and the associated freeing of my psyche to focus on higher value proactive and creative activities. This in turn increases my enthusiasm at work and my general wellbeing as my motivation and quality of output improves. Therefore, a positive self energizing cycle of productivity, effectiveness and value add continues to be in force allowing me to self actualize and even transcend the old me at work. Dear diary, I know this is deep stuff, it certainly wasn’t the objective but it’s certainly is a bonus and has given me renewed faith that I can enjoy work as well.  I have even had my colleagues comment on the change and have sought my help in implementing Inbox Zero.

Now that I have this super quick Blackberry Bold I will try to enforce the same discipline and process for managing my inboxes, because last time I checked I actually have 3 of them. My email, sms and Blackberry IM boxes…God help me.