Ms Megabyte transforms into Ms IdeasCulture and clan

Had the privilege of meeting Yvonne Adele this week over a power- breakfast and what a powerful 53mins it was. This exuberant well of information, energy and innovation proved to be just what I needed to kick start my day on what ended up being quite a productive start to the week. For those of you who remember her as Ms Megabyte it seems that the caricature is alive and thriving. Her evolution into what I coin chief instigator of ideas has seen her metamorphasize herself into Ms IdeasCulture. Along with her superpowered clan she seeks to inspire us once again as she succeeded to do all those years ago. This time however she’s out to get those evil brain-numbing villians who rob us all of our creative juices and our ability to execute on our hairbrain ideas.

With IdeasCulture Ms Megabyte facilitates the creation and execution of your ideas. Her Blog and Tweets consistently amaze me at how busy yet fresh her perspectives are. I mean I know when Im busy the last thing on my mind is a new idea, not that its not a good idea but that there seems to be no room for that new idea, or so I think she suggests. Combined with thought provoking methods for right brain thinking, brain storming and implementation strategies IdeasCulture has left me feeling young again, fresh again, eager to take a risk or two. There’s no better time for that according to all the critics so why not investigate her ideas factory, I certainly will…. again.

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  1. I was wondering what happened to Ms Megabyte. She used to be real cool, ahead of curve and broke the mold. Good to see she’s still at it. Thanks for the links I will suggest an Ideas brainstorm session to my boss, he needs it ;-)

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