Crowdsourcing the Velteo logo

Crowdsourcing is a neologism for the act of taking a task traditionally performed by an employee or contractor, and outsourcing it to an undefined, generally large group of people or community in the form of an open call.

Being a new age company, driven by new age innovation and technology it was always going to be a challenge designing and deciding on Velteo’s company logo.  What with the experience of Jamie Pride, CEO of one of Australia’s largest online digital media companies, Frank Cuiuli’s taste for fashion and my appetite for ‘edgy yet funky’  we were in for a big battle, a battle of taste.

Luckily after some personal experience on a similar project we decided to throw caution to the wind and Crowdsource our logo on 99designs. After some fine tuning of the creative brief we kicked off the contest on a Saturday morning, the contest runs for 7 days and we expected a decent result as the brief called for creativity and ingenuity.


After only 3 days we began to receive some great results, we began to engage with healthy feedback and some crowdsourcing of our own, showing our friends and brains trust and seeking their opinions.

By the 4th day we began to reach out to designers of other contests whom we liked and invited them to take part in our contest. Many responded with great ideas one of which was the eventual winner.

So by engaging with the designers and inviting others to join in we increased the likelihood of achieving a desirable outcome. Unlike other contests who provide limited feedback and interaction we received over 150 designs from 83 designers within 7 days.

Fortunately for us one designer stood out from the crowd after day 5 but we wanted to remain open to other potentials. So we continued to seek other designers and extended our own crowdsourcing via Facebook and Twitter to try and get a larger view on people’s favorite but also to validate our shortlist.

In the end, during our board meeting over dinner one Friday evening we decided prior to the contests closing time that the designer RedLogo was deserved of winning the contest, so we awarded the prize by a simple click and requested multiple formats and color schemes of the logo below.

Velteo on White

Velteo on Black

We are certainly all happy with the end result and continue to get great responses from people who see the logo for the first time. So my advice if you want to create or redesign your brand or logo and fear the impending design fight with your partners, let the crowd sort it out for you, you will definitely save money, time and get the right result. If you want Velteo to Crowdsource your next creative project drop me a line here.

A funny spin on crowdsourcing… enjoy

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  1. Dude, thanks so much for the idea. Had no idea this existed, love the concept and your logo.
    I have a project coming up soon which will need some design work. Do you know if they do more than just logo’s?

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