Month: February 2010

On Entrepreneurship: Jason Calacanis style

Been thinking about posting my thoughts on Entrepreneurship recently, but with all the great things that’s been  going on at Velteo recently its proven to be difficult to find the time. However, this morning I was chuffed to find a great episode on this topic at TWiST from one of my favorite startup personalities Jason Calacanis.

Jason was asked to speak to a room full of students on being an entrepreneur and we also got his take on his past and why he is so passionate about Entrepreneurship. The core theme: Believe in yourself and don’t listen to naysayers. The core question: Are you a Samurai or a rice picker?

So if you wanna be a Samurai watch the video here, but beware Jason can be direct at the best of times (But I love it):

Keep up the great work Jason and team @TWiST,

My review of Prezi – Awesome in so many ways

Been very keen to play with Prezi since I discovered it a month ago. Its a cool tool for creating more contextual, fluid and relational presentations in the cloud and locally on your computer. My buddy, Franky, started playing with it and demonstrated its power to me recently as well so I though I would use my Social Golf Club Presentation Night last night to play with the tool myself.

Here’s a cool conceptual video that illustrates the power and the difference of Prezi:

I discovered that the tool is great for ideas creation and brainstorming, its free flow and intuitive user interface allows you to focus on your ideas and get creative. I can easily turn my sketch of ideas into  a presentation because its all happening in the same place. I found myself thinking differently about how I would present the information and how I should make the presentation flow. This enabled me to create the presentation quickly and have fun at the same time, even my 13 year old daughter was impressed and you know how hard it is to get that kind of a response out a of a digital native. With the use of their zoom and flip functionality it made the presentation more appealing , you can find my Prezi presentation  here .

My Prezi presentation

My Prezi presentation

I also discovered that it would come in handy for taking notes in class and meetings. That would be richer, and could easily be presented when needed. This makes for better learning and time use as this Stanford video demonstrates:

The cost? They use a freemium model so the free version allows you to use the web and the desktop app (free 30 day trial) too but when loading in the cloud you post your presentation in the showcase for all to see. So beware of giving away all your secrets. Otherwise, for $59 per year you get more storage and privacy. So what are you waiting for, give Prezi a go and you may even surprise yourself with your creativity let alone your audience.

My rating 10/10 for so many different uses and reasons.

Can’t wait to work on my next Prezi for more than just a prezi.

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