I am inspired by many things but All In about one, Flow.

Fundamentally I am a seeker, it started when I discovered working for large companies was not all it was cracked up to be and I hated it. Continuously let down by empty promises at 12 different workplaces and by soul-less leaders. Since then I have relentlessly searched to find better ways to work and reveal my possibility to myself. From my early days in the hospitality industry as an owner of a small Pizzeria to a confused sales person in the IT industry, being told what was important and to be coin operated, I continuously found myself being disengaged, uninspired and empty. It was not until I found Flow in aspects of my work where I had some autonomy and purpose that I began to love work but on my terms, and entrepreneur.

I completed a Social Work Degree from NSW University and got victimised for being different, my approach was too commercial. But then I spent 20 years in sales execution, management and planning in IT, I led a number of organisations, Government bodies and charities down the path of improvement and I even developed a contrarian approach to old school sales and service thinking which put me in good stead with employers, teams and customers. I gravitated to innovative technologies such as Unified Communications and loved the bleeding edge of it all, sometimes. But it was not until I took the plunge and created a burning platform for myself to sink or swim in the likes of a new venture, Velteo, that I began to learn about myself. As former CEO of Velteo I was able to infuse Culture, Process and Technology in a disruptive manner with an agile and highly talented team that was not only successful but meaningful. The eventual purchase of Velteo by Bluewolf and awards from industry is testament to this. Velteo engaged with the largest companies in Australia on sales and service transformation projects but they were really cultural transformation projects in the end and it helped me understand what matters in business thats really going to “Move the Needle’.

I learnt that it is experience that builds a person and that you don’t really know yourself until put to the test. Its relationships that bring meaning to your life and that everyone is approachable. That the power is in the ‘in-between’ in relationships and that they must be invested in, on purpose, that includes respect, honour, friendship and love. Also that its your behaviour that defines you and reveals to yourself your integrity. I’ve also learnt that our understanding of leadership is all wrong but have recently witnessed what true leadership is. Throughout my career I discovered that I am not coin operated and those things that I was told are important are not, to me. I learnt that I run on Inspiration and love discovering the complexities of the human condition. I am deeply engaged in self reflection and have invested in a coach for the last 8 years of my life, this has been the cornerstone of my improvement. I believe in leading from my current position but also understand that I get in my own way, my coach and friends help me with this. I believe in brutal honesty, passion and trust based on merit. I can run a company from end to end, create buzz like no one else and drive revenue like a machine, if I believe in what I sell. I can lead people through inspiration and help you innovate the way you think and approach challenges and would do it for free, because I love helping you see your greatness.

For the past 3 years I have been engaged in developing new methods to help startups build successful and meaningful businesses that out execute by out behaving. After coaching, mentoring, incubating and investing in over 300 startups I have learnt alot about whats missing and what levers need to be pulled to get startups to fire on all cylinders. My Investor Centred Design and Innovation Culture approach seems to be working as many have gone on to build great enterprises. But life is a journey and I continuously seek to be surprised and inspired, getting out of my own way is my biggest challenge, I learn most from my mistakes, I have made many but maybe when combined with a self reflective approach I can continuously improve and add value to you.

Find what you would do for free and you will be invaluable to others.

Be Great,

Constantine Georgiou x

*This is my personal Blog, anything I say here is my own opinion only and should be treated as such. This is where I vent, collate and streamline my thoughts, if you benefit from this then thats a plus :)

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  1. Great formation of your thoughts as well as providing thought leadership. #flowawesome.

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